August 2021

June 2021

The TELSTRA Best of Business Awards

The Telstra Best of Business Awards  - WE'VE been NOMINATED. This is only the beginning. Winning this award would be a game changer for us which will help us reach our goals of growing to

May 2021

Working At Heights

  Working at Heights Working at heights is a common hazard that can be found in most industries and workplaces. Falling from a height is one the leading causes of fatalities and serious injuries. In

March 2021

WhereAreYou? A RedInsight Safety Initiative

                       WhereAreYou? A RedInsight Safety Initiative   Each year in NSW alone, there are over 30,000 major work-related injuries and 56 deaths on average each

August 2020

Sign up to Safety this September and Save

This September, Maitland’s WHS specialist celebrates six years helping Hunter businesses stay safe. Red Insight helps businesses to implement and maintain proper safety systems and procedures. From establishing or reviewing your safety management system, to

May 2019

Are we causing more harm than good?

The Most Overlooked Reason Why Kids Won't Listen This article is an interesting read on being overly cautious with our children - "don't climb that, you might fall," or "that's not safe, sit down, you're

March 2019

What are the biggest WHS risks office workers face?

When you think of high risk jobs you might conjure up images of semi-trailers criss-crossing our road system or warehousing staff lifting heavy loads while forklifts whiz to and fro. To some extent, this perception

January 2019

Red Insight Proudly Sponsor 2019 Hunter Safety Awards

Red Insight is proud to be associated with enterprises in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region that have integrated work, health and safety initiatives into their core business. We are thrilled to support the Hunter

December 2018

Prevent Heat-Related Illness

Ever wondered how to avoid heat-related illness amongst your workers and what your employer obligations are? This handy flip-book has the answers brought to you by the team at Red Insight in partnership with

October 2018

Shipping Container Safety

The Unknown Dangers of Shipping Containers  With the push to keep costs to a minimum, project and site managers often find themselves being resourceful and repurposing items; shipping containers would arguably be top of the

February 2018

2018 WHS Champion of the Year Finalist

Congratulations are in order as Monica Toews Brown, our very own Senior Risk Manager and Operations Manager has been selected as a finalist for the WHS Champion of the Year award at the 2018

January 2018

New Toys Brings New Risks

The introduction of new plant or equipment in the workplace may introduce new risks. The same can be said for our home life. Many people may have been lucky enough to receive a drone for