As most of us are completing our last week of work before the Christmas break, there are a lot of things on our minds.

Will I get finished what I need to at work? Have I ordered enough food for Christmas dinner? Will my partner like the gifts I got for them? Did I get the kids enough presents or too much? Will I forget to buy for anyone? Do my children still believe? Will my annoying uncle turn up unexpected? Will Australia win another test match? Will the parcel I ordered arrive on time? Will my grandmother (or other family member) make it through the year?

With these questions and more running through our minds it is easy to lose focus. Temporarily switching off changes your entire festive season. We are all human. Errors are part of that. It is how we catch our selves at that point in time and learn from it. How we build in controls to prevent injury, even if an error occurs. This could help us all get through the last days of work without injury.

However, what happens when we leave the office for the last time of the year? Does our thought process alter when we leave the construction site at 15:00 on Friday afternoon? After working all year following the rules, abiding by the numerous procedures in place to prevent injury, now it is time to relax. The moment we have been waiting for since Easter. The time where we can switch off and do what we want.

Is it? Is it really that simple? How many times have you heard of someone falling off the roof while putting up Christmas decorations? How many times have you seen people mowing their lawn barefoot and without eye protection? How many times have you heard of people getting injured while doing the ‘odd’ job around the house? How many times have you heard of a child drowning in the backyard pool? And how many times have you heard of a child being run over in the driveway or struck by a reversing car?

It can happen in an instant. It is important to stay focused this holiday period. Keep your eye on the prize and keep your loved one’s safe. Ensure that you keep safety front of mind, 24/7. You owe it to your family. You owe it to your friends. You owe it to yourself.


From all of our family at Red Insight, we wish you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!