Risk Management Services

With a combined duration of over 75 years in High Risk Industries, including over 55 years in the Health and Safety field, Red Insight is able to provide services aimed to assist in protecting your people and your organisation.

With a broad range of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) advice, the pro-active, practical and consultative approach will assist your organisation in identifying and implementing Risk Based Solutions and meeting legal requirements.

Our Specialists provide a solution focused practical application to Risk Management with a people based approach.


How is your current Safety Management System? Does it comply with current Legislation? Red Insight can provide your organisation with a Safety Management System that is designed specifically to suit your business whilst adhering to or exceeding legislative requirements.
Need extra help determining if your workplace is as safe as it should be? Red Insight consultants are available to attend your workplace and undertake site inspections, systems audits or targeted audits to help ensure your people are safe.
Does your business need a boost in morale, improved safety culture, or an extra set of expert eyes? Red Insight consultants are available on part time, full time or as needs basis.
Starting a new Project? Need WHS coverage while you recruit for a full time position? Red Insight consultants can assist in establishing the Safety Management System, developing and facilitating site inductions, facilitating risk workshops, and assisting the Project Team in managing WHS.
Have you experienced an unwanted event? Need expert assistance to investigate the incident to prevent a reoccurrence? Red Insight consultants are highly skilled in leading incident investigations, identifying causal factors, and raising corrective actions to prevent risk to your people.
Starting something new? Changing a practice or your worksite layout? Red Insight can assist in facilitating risk workshops to ensure newly created risks are identified, assessed, and controlled prior to changes being implemented.
Tired of the same old SWMS? Sick of clients knocking back your documentation and delaying work?  Red Insight can assist in the development or review of  specific risk assessments such as Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Assessments, Work Method Statement, Workplace Risk Assessments, and Workplace Safety Management Plans. Our risk assessments are highly professional and specially designed to meet or exceed legislative requirements without being overly complicated and unfriendly to use.
Want to know how your business is tracking in comparison to industry? Red Insight can analyse your WHS Statistical Data to assist in trend analysis identification and targeting areas of concern.
Do you know you need WHS improvements but are confused and unsure of where to start? Let Red Insight assist with establishing specific WHS strategic plans to ensure your business heads in the right direction.
Has a worker been injured at work? Do you know how to assist them to a speedy recovery and return to work? Red Insight can take the lead on Return to Work process to ensure your workers obtain the assistance they need.
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Monica Toews Brown
Monica Toews BrownDirector/Principal WHS Specialist
Monica has extensive practical experience in auditing and inspections, facilitating risk assessment workshops, system development and implementation, mentoring, training, and conduction incident investigations using methods such as ICAM.

She is highly valued for strategic initiatives, thoroughness, communication skills and ability to manage relationships with positivity and professionalism.

>Fifteen + years practical safety experience in various industries (including Civil, Rail, Power, Water, Building, Maintenance, Manufacturing and Communications)

> Bachelor’s Degree (honors) in Psychology makes Monica’s experience unique enabling a strong, pragmatic, and collaborative approach to safety implementation and problem resolution

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James Brown
James BrownOperations Manager
James has varied extensive practical experience in facilitating risk assessment workshops, system development and implementation, auditing and inspections, mentoring, and (his personal favorite) conducting incident investigations using methods such as ICAM.

James is highly valued for his practical and technical expertise, effective communication skills and his ability to build rapport quickly with key personnel which enables him to build strong relationships and influence key internal and external decision makers to accomplish successful outcomes.

> Twenty-five + years pract